About Professor Dato' Dr Hassan Yaacob

Professor Dato' Dr. Hassan Yaacob is a scientist by profession who began his career as a professor in the University of Malaya.

He holds a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology from Royal College of Surgeons of England, London and a famous sea cucumber Expert in Malaysia. He is Executive Chairman / Chief Executive Officer to Eastern Biotech Resources Sdn Bhd the producer of House of Healin products.

Prof. Dato' Dr. Hassan Yaacob started his intensive scientific research and studies for sea cucumber at the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine,University Malaya in 1990. He was funded under IRPA (Intensive Research in Priority Area, Ministry of Science & Technology Malaysia) Program.

His research on sea cucumber continued at University of Kyushu and University of Toyamma, Japan in 1995-1996. Through his extensive research and development (R&D) in sea cucumber, Prof. Hassan was later awarded a Gold Medal for MINDEX (Malaysian Invention and Discovery) Award in 1994 and Hitachi Science Fellowship Research Award 1995, Japan.

Back in the 1990s after more than 10 years of R&D and intensive studies, Professor Dato' Dr. Hassan Yaacob finally decided to share the unique benefits of sea cucumber the wonder of nature through health and beauty products under House of Healin.

Professor Dato' Dr. Hassan Yaacob is currently holding the posts of CEO for Eastern Biotech Resources Sdn Bhd and Healwell Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd companies.

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