About Gamat Emas

'Gamat Emas' is rather an interesting species of marine sea cucumber, which can rarely be seen in the open seabed. Although can be classified under species of holothurians and unlike most of other species of sea cucumber, 'Gamat Emas' is very rich in mucopolysaccharides and chondoritins and other soft tissues resembling soft cartilage, explaining for the facts that it melts when exposed to the sunlight. Studies had proved that it is rich in other natural nutrients as well such as protein, vitamins A and C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Historically, Gamat Emas had been widely known among the Malay ethnics in Malaysia possessed a special wound healing properties. Some of the firm believers who had seen the benefits of this wonder of nature which could be used as remedy for cuts, sores and inflammations had reaped the benefits by turning into family secret formula and passed down through generations.

The research on 'air gamat' - the name for the water extract derived from the golden sea cucumber of Malaysia took a long time to materialize. Locals have used this marine substance for about 500 years. In fact, Malays swear by the usage of air gamat as a remedy for cuts, peptic ulcers, chest pain, sores and inflammation.

After 10 years of research in University of Malaya and the Japanese Universities, scientists had discovered the active substance and the mechanisms of its actions. Beside it's proven efficiency in enhancing the body's resistance towards various diseases, from common flu to more problematic conditions, including diabetes, cancer, it is also known that it contains a cell growth factor which has the ability to accelerate the regeneration of biological cells, bone, collagen and rejuvenates skin.

Under an extensive studies and research, a group of scientists led by Professor Dato' Dr. Hassan Yaacob had managed to refine refine the Gamat extract and come up with new generations of scientifically prepared products based on this purified polypeptide substance. These products have been introduced into the market since the past 20 years under House of Healin.

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